About Us

Our Story

We are makers - artisans creating stunning pieces that captivate the imagination.

We are also devoted pet parents, believing that our animals bring immeasurable joy and purpose to our lives.  To nurture a pet is to know unconditional dedication and undying love like no other. 

We created The Dapper Dog out of a desire to produce beautiful pet accessories and leveraging the platform to champion and support animal welfare initiatives. 

We want to build a brand that centres around charitable giving and social advocacy all while having immaculately dapper pooches by our side!

Our fashion-forward line of dog collars, bandanas and bow-ties (coming soon!) are proudly made by hand in Toronto. We use quality materials focusing on craftsmanship and dedication to producing the best for your pooch.

Our aim is affect positive social change through donations, awareness and ethical production. We donate a percentage of proceeds of each and every order to incredible charities that work hard to make lives better for our animal friends. To learn more about the causes we support, how we give back and more - visit our Giving Back page.


Launched in November 2022, our brand is new and excited to grow with you!